As far as I've seen it the Storyboard can only be grouped by Priority, Source, Status, Type and Risk (and Type, and Resolution for Defects).

I would really like to be able to group the Storyboard by Project. Selecting a project containing sub-projects would then visualize which sub-projects each story belongs to. For now we have to prefix each Story name with the project code, but this is not a good alternative and we would really like to avoid this.


  • I agree, this would be very helpfull.

  • I need this also. To work around this we created a custom field that mirrors the project. It works pretty well but the down side is that we have to manually set this field.

  • Our Team rooms consists of multiple projects running at the same time and it would really help us to filter storyboard by projects also.

  • How about grouping by owner as well.

  • Grouping by project and sub-projects would be extremely helpful

  • I would guess than many team rooms are pointed to a single project. they don't have to be, but what would that option look like for a team that was set to only a single level?

  • We can use this ability too, please consider this.

  • Group by Backlog Group also. And Group by Team for those rooms with the All Team filter setting