We have implemented templates for our stories and defects but we would like to have templates for requests as well. At the moment, we copy the text from the story template to new requests but this is quite laborious. Some of the formatting gets lost when copying from the template, too.


  • I second this request. This would be an easy change to implement as there are already templates in VersionOne for stories and defects. My team receives many requests of a single type, and it would be great to have a template to guide the requestor towards providing all of the necessary information for the story.

  • Yes please!! It would be great to have a template which provides the needed information for repeatable requests and remove the guess work for our teams. Many times we have to go back and forth to get the right level of information which can be time consuming. The ability to create a template would be a big help.

  • This would be very helpful so that we can keep the workflow in VersionOne (as opposed to email requests) and keep protecting the backlog. At the very least, it would help admin type Requests. When you have a large user base to support, this is significant effort, and we'd prefer to keep the history in VersionOne.

  • This would be very helpful!

  • I agree - this is much needed functionality!

  • Definitely helpful

  • any updates on this?

  • This would be especially helpful to us because we have certain information we want included in requests.

  • Much needed! Currently we get so many requests and hardly any details. We need very basic questions answered but can't change the description field or the request template.

  • Our Institution would benefit from this functionality very much! Please consider putting this into an upcoming release. Thanks!!

  • Agreed!

  • This would be great!!!

  • Important to close this gap as templates can be created for stories, defects and portfolio items, but not for requests.

  • Sorry Calla F. I erroneously flagged your post and there is no way to unflag it. I apologize.

  • This idea seems to be planned. Can you please inform us in which release it's planned?

  • This feature is under development and will be out in a 21.2 point release as soon as it is tested and completed.