When I click one of the permalinks for a task or user story, it brings me to the details page for that item. But there is no way for me to get from that page back to the full site so I can see the item in the larger context. I'd like to view the item on the task board, or the project backlog, etc. I can click my bookmark to log into the site but then I'm no longer in the context of the item in question.

The notification emails (e.g. for Conversations) include these links so we are frequently entering the system this way. We also put the permalink URL in our Subversion commit comments for code review/support/traceability purposes, but then we can only view the individual item with no way to get back to the full site.


  • I agree. We need the ability to go to the main screen of VersionOne application, driectly from individual item windows.
    For instance, user receives a mail containing an update on a backlog item. When opening the link provided, she is presented with the individual backlog item alone. From this item, there is no way the user can go to the main menu of the VersionOne application. This is an inconvenience, and a shortcut link to open the VersionOne application main screen would be a good additional feature.