Provide ability to add customized statuses to "candidate", "planned", "completed" to meet organizational needs. (i.e. In Progress, Requirements Gathering, etc. etc.)


  • This could be an alternative to my suggestion for quick close transitions for custom fields. Adding custom list values to the existing "Status" field would serve the same purpose and eliminate the need to add additional complexity to the configuration page. However, we would also need to configure the list of status values by project.

  • How does current functionality differ from what is asked for? I have added custom statuses to Story Cards, with no problem. Then, I created a custom field to reflect that custom status, because it was more appropriate. How would that not solve your problem?

  • A custom field creates duplication because the team has to update TWO status fields. Also, quick close transitions don't work on the custom field.

    However, this has been solved in a better way by project workspaces, which allow me to filter status values by project.

  • I beleive the original request was for additional statuses on the ideas in Idea Space. As a PM reviewing ideas I would like a way to flag an idea as reviewed/considered so I can easily identify new ideas from those I've already looked at.

  • I agree with this and our company needs the same option as well. I need to be able to mark something as "In review" or "under consideration" so they know we are looking at their idea but haven't quite committed to it yet in a plan.

  • What about "won't do" or something similar? Currently you have to mark it as inappropriate or Completed. Sometimes you may want a list of ideas that you don't intend to do, and have them remain searchable in case other people also have the idea again.

    As an alternative, I suppose you could generate a Request and then have the Resolution set to Rejected. That works for people who are in your Lifecycle product, but not strictly in IdeaSpace. (You could leave a comment mentioning that fact though.)

  • I would absolutely agree that the ability to add statuses for Ideas forums and then be able to select the status values and sequence per forum would be extremely useful. This could work like status management in LifeCycle where you can do this per workspace. I say 'like' because I would suggest adding the additional capability to determine a different sequence of statues per forum.

  • I agree that the currently available statuses in the Ideas space is limiting, and being able to add custom statuses would help facilitate our workflow and ability to manage the ideas being submitted.