Allowing additional fields on cards would help out teams who would like to see more than the three customizable data elements.


  • We need this!

  • NEED!

  • We need this, it would be very beneficial for our team.

  • It's always helpful to be able to view additional fields of our choice for the stories.

  • Yes!

  • Very much needed!

  • PLEASE! :)

  • Seems like an easy change for a HUGE benefit!

  • Yes PLEASE!

  • I would use it

  • Yes, please.

  • Need, please.

  • We would like to have one more story card option hanging from the bottom of the card. I typically use the owner on the left, estimate on the right, upstream dependency on left under card, and would like to add a downstream dependency on the bottom right under the card.

  • We need this also!

  • We need this also!

  • Yes, we need this!

  • Yes, please!

  • This would really help our team!

  • This feature is as well very much needed in our work.
    There is enough place to show more than 3 parameters.

    Please feedback on this one...

  • Please add this. Other APM tools allow significant customization of fields to include on story cards.

  • See also "Additional fields on cards" - there are actually multiple ideas on this topic with votes