I love that we are now able to have child template stories nested in the portfolio item template, but it would be great if there was a way to have child portfolio item templates as well.


  • +1 This would be a very helpful feature and save my company time when setting up new projects.

  • This would be a helpful feature to be able to set up through the UI. We have been creating child portfolio templates through the API for about a year at this point. In version 21.1 we noticed that Digital.ai made some changes that led to generating new items from non-template items linked to template items in the hierarchy. It should be easy for them to not do that when creating new items from child template items, but that should be considered when adding this feature. We use a mechanism to clear up relationships to template items from non-template items in order to reduce the likelihood of creating extraneous items, but it can still happen if we don't clean those references up as often as needed.