During planning we often put all the task related to a story and during the sprint we find that we are either lacking time to complete a particular task or that we under estimated the effort for that task, and therefore we want to convert that task into a PBI (product backlog item).

Also often during testing we find a defect and we create a Task for that story (we don't use the testboard of VersionOne we don't like it) and put the type defect to it (we customized the picklist). If that defect can't be fixed now, then we want to convert that task into a defect item in the backlog.

Anyway, if any case we want to take a task and convert it to a new story or a new defect.



  • Tasks AND tests, please... :)

  • Note that there is the ability to promote a Backlog Item to an Epic. This feature would be the analog for Tasks and Tests within a Backlog Item. When starting out with VersionOne, it is easy to make the mistake of making everything a task within a Backlog, and this feature would make it possible to recover quickly as the team adjusts its strategy for using VersionOne.

  • I have a story with multiple tasks, but only one or two should become a new story. Unfortunately the epic will not help with this.

  • This would be very helpful rather than copy/paste from task to story.

  • Agreed - just as one can promote a story to an epic, it would be useful to be able to promote a task to a story

  • Agreed - Just as one can promote a story to an epic, we find that sometimes a task should be promoted to a story

  • Yes :-)
    There is other similar idea too: https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/798

  • We are having to export tasks, then import as defects to accomplish this. It would be nice to convert one task or bulk change multiple tasks.

  • Given a project member with the appropriate permissions is on the 'plan story' dialog
    And wishes to turn a task into a story
    Then clicking 'Edit' button on the relevant task
    Should result in a new story under the same parent backlog item as the task's original parent
    And the task should be moved to be a child of this new story

  • Since this idea and https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/798 totals 130 votes, can these be combined into one idea, and be prioritized for an upcoming release? In order to provide visibility into in-sprint story "bugs", we do log a task (considering adding a "Bug" to the task type drop-down). This seems like a very common usage of the tool. I get this request from the teams I manage about every other sprint retro.

    Please advise.


  • Yes this is much needed. So many times the tasks are created by team members that are actually stories, however to convert from task to story it's all manual. would save several hours of work each month to have a drop down selection from Edit to convert a task or defect to a story.

  • Is there a way to add a task to multiple user stories at the same time

  • Absolutely do it. We create a task for bugs found in development but sometimes turn them into defects in the backlog depending on their severity and scope. If we could just promote them like you can stories to epics that would be swell.

  • We also have been looking for a means to convert task, specifically Change Requests into Defects or even a Story. It would be so much easier. But, as I have not seen any response to any comments here from V1, doubt anything will be done.

  • Ability to copy a task or test to a story/defect was released in 22.0