As a ScrumMaster, I'd like to be able to add more than 3 infos in my workitem cards on my storyboard and taskboard

Storyboard > Customize > Card Options


  • Thanks Deborah for the idea, as you know cards already have a small piece of screen real estate. Adding more data to the card may start to make the card feel crowded. Can you give examples of where having more than 3 pieces is information is useful? Would swapping out the asset ID on a card for something else potentially provide more value than the asset id?

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    Here is an example.
    I have to display
    - Assigned people
    - The project
    - The status bar
    - The scrum points

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  • Hello, in my case, I'd like to display :
    - assigned people
    - project
    - upstream dependencies
    - task status (percentage of completion)
    And I still need to see the title, the clock for the lead time and the red/green corner color to identify defect/user stories.

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  • A popular choice is the dependency status icons.... How about just adding the dependency status icon in top right along and in-line with the icons for blocked and time in status. Perhaps this could also be done for the links/attachment icons too - another common choice. Icons take little space and can already be accommodated in existing card layout without impacting the way other space/options are allocated.

    How about an option for a right tab below card just like the left side tab below card? Popular options are the portfolio item and/or task status / test status and sometimes the backlog group. One more selectable position would give the majority enough options for what they want. It seems like there are always 4 things desired and only 3 positions.

    For multiple teamrooms (monitoring the ART for example), popular options include the Team.... Also sometimes the Planning Level. If "Group By" board options included grouping options for Team, Planning Level, and Backlog Group that would add another dimension to see one of these. No new card restate needed.....

    Hover over including the planning level and portoflio item for backlog items would also enable quick at a glance access to this important info without opening details.

  • See "Additional fields on cards". There are actually multiple ideas with votes related to this topic.