In our organization bug fixing is cross-cutting through teams.

There is a constant influx of Defects, that are managed on a Kanban board. The bugs are divided among teams, according to capacity. The teams operated in Scrum / Iteration mode.

We have created a TeamRoom to plan and track the Defects, and see them on a Kanban board. In order to do so, we introduced a new team, the "FI team" (for Field Incident). Now this a virtual team, with no real members. All developers, QE people, etc are actually in their scrum team. Each scrum team has its own board.

This works somewhat for planning and tracking, but the problem is that a developer needs to look at two boards: his own team's board and the FI board. There is no overview of all the work in scope. This has led some teams to create an additional spreadsheet in Excel to track their work.

The cause of this is that we need a Kanban board to track Defects; the board is only available in a TeamRoom; and a TeamRoom must be assigned to one team. (There is also an option to have all teams on the board, but that doesn't work because it explodes the status columns and is even more cumbersome to use).

Proposed solution: allow TeamRooms to be based on a filter. For example "Planning level = Devops AND WorkItem type = Defect". This way you can create a cross-cutting TeamRoom used for planning, while the actual tracking and scoping is still on the Team's own board (Defects assigned to them will appear on their own board).