Currently the functionality is that only newly added backlog items that are not generated from a Template are added at the bottom of backlog, which allows for efficient management of all new backlog items.

Unfortunately, when a story or defect is generated from a user defined "Template", it is treated as a "Copy" of the template and not a newly added backlog item. Thus it adds to the backlog, but not at the bottom of backlog. This causes inefficiency in managing new backlog items, as new items not from a template are added at the bottom of the backlog while new items added from a template are mixed in the backlog order based on when the template used to generate the new item was created (as it would have been a new item at the bottom of the backlog at that point).

Please add functionality to put newly created story/defect from templates defaulted to the "end" of the project backlog.

After adding this idea, I located what appears to be the same idea here: and here:
(Perhaps could combine these ideas)


  • Agreed! Thank you for providing this idea, we will work with the engineering team to understand the underlying reason for this and get back to you.