We are currently able to make changes to older work items (Portfolio Items/Backlog Items) and even close them, even when mandatory fields do not have any value.

This happens for those items which are created before making the fields mandatory.

Expected behavior-

The tool should through an error and stop editing or performing any action. As it does in the case of creating new workitems after making the fields mandatory.


  • Thanks for submitting! Let's discuss quickly the two ways to edit an asset after creation. First, in-line editing takes place directly on the asset itself, such as a story. When editing a field in-line, that field will go through the business rules to check for any requirements. Just that field, since that is the only field that was edited. If another field happens to be mandatory on the same detail view but not edited there is no change and thus nothing to run through the business rules. This will not trigger an error since nothing changed on the field. The second way is through the "Edit" option on the detail view. This option makes all of the fields open, thus when you click save all the fields will go through the business rules to determine what changed for historical purposes and also if any field is mandatory. This would catch an empty field before making it mandatory since all the fields are checked. If you want to ensure fields are filled in, I suggest you coach Agility users to use the edit option versus the in-line edit option. From what was submitted it seems that this is likely an in-line edit scenario, we do not plan to make any changes to the logic around in-line editing. In-line editing will continue to only process "dirty" fields.