I saw where a similar question was asked and it was marked "completed" but, I don't see any change in the product. I get a lot of email and, even though agility emails go to outlook, I'm sure I miss some. I'd rather go into agility to see Agility specific emails. But looking at my Agility inbox, I have have almost 3000 emails going back 6 or 7 years and I can not update more than 25 at one time. There should be means to either see more emails at once, or a button to click to select ALL emails (not just the ones displayed on the screen) to change the status to read, archive, delete, etc.


  • There is a bulk delete option when you enter the delete screen, for example, if you check 5 messages and choose to delete. Beside the delete button, there is a delete all button if you have a more current version of Agility. If you do not see the delete all option then you are on an older version of Agility.