Sometimes there is a story or defect that is "related" to another story or defect. Currently the only way to reference it is via Tags or notes. It would be nice if there was a "Related" field or even a "Related" section as these items are not always necessarily an upstream or downstream dependency. In my opinion, tags get abused and are not an efficient way of referencing other items related to the current item.

This can be accomplished in either of two ways:

Single Reference Item - field
It would be nice if the new feature would allow the user to search for the related story or defect, select it when found (rather than a free form field), and it had a link for you to click on to be able to open it directly.

Multiple Reference Items - section (follow same format as Upstream or Downstream Dependency sections)
The other option would be to have a section where multiple items can be referenced.


  • Thanks for submitting this idea, could you provide a couple of examples for the community to think through this idea more?