When looking at a feature portfolio, you’re only able to add a user story but not from a template.


  • Thank you for submitting this idea, how would you suggest inheritance to work? For example when I generate a story from the epic menu details flow down into the story. If you choose a template story then there is a conflict there.

  • I didn't submit this, but at least being able to copy the tasks and tests would be a huge improvement. Today I add a child story, then have to open it and go to Plan User Story, Copy Tasks and Tests, then search for my template to copy all my tasks over. This suggestion would save a lot of button clicks.

  • To answer the question about which details to choose (from parent epic or templated story) you could possibly have a popup that lets you chose where there are differences. I envision it similar to how the Split story works where it guesses and puts the new values but you have the ability to update.