Hi there! We're so close to being able to trace requirements all the way down to the story level. If we add a requests column to the export we will have a visual of Epics and Stories with no requirements. Same thing for reporting from the "Requests" view. Instead of just showing the number of epics and stories that have been generated because of the request, we could view the actual stories and epics in an exportable spreadsheet.

This could be a low lift, high value change for POs and Systems Engineers reporting for a large project with many requirements.

I have mockups available if needed. Reach out to me whenever you'd like with questions.


  • Thanks for submitting this idea, considering the complexity of our enterprise customers adding this to the Portfolio Item Tree does not seem performant and could become too much to consume. That being said, adding this to the request backlog view could prove promising. We did something similar for "Broken By" and "Breaks" for the backlog grid. Do others here on the Ideaspace have a similar need?

  • Adding the associated portfolio and story items to the request backlog would do the trick for our organization. Thanks for the response!