Can we get the ability to copy tasks and tests for defects? This capability was added for Stories in the Summer '09 release, but not for defects? We need to plan and schedule defects just like we plan and schedule stories. Thanks, Jim


  • Agreed. Whatever is done for stories/BLI should be done for defects!

  • This item will allow users to copy Tasks and Tests (from any template or Backlog item) into a Defect item. Currently this is only allowed for Backlog items. When a Defect is created without Tasks and Tests a user must add them manually or change the Defect into a Backlog item, copy the desired items and then change it back to a Defect. The latter process changes the item ID and causes traceability issues.

  • It makes no sense for this to only work for stories; why not all back log items? By lacking this functionality, the message is that defects are less important than stories or that tasks/tests do not belong on defects. Please fix this bug so VersionOne has the behavior the user expects to see.

  • Where are we at with this?
    Let's get it fixed!

  • Second Request
    Where are we at with this?
    Let's get it fixed!

  • Amen! Can we get this fixed!

  • This is a critical need for us...

  • Please

  • Got a lot of asks from my users on this one, and I see this is one of 3 similar Ideas, might want to consolidate.

  • This is critical need for us how we manage our backlog with requests.

  • There are multiple Ideas related to this..... just add "Plan Defect" option exactly like the "Plan Story" option and enable copy from Defect template for tasks/tests. Defect templates can already be created there is just no "Plan Defect" option. It would work exactly the same as logic that already exists.