Currently the Tag field can only be used as a filter to find assets that have a specific Tag value set.

As a user, I want the ability to apply a filter to the Backlog to only show assets that have an empty Tag field. In other words, only show assets that have no values set in the Tags field.

This will allow me to quickly audit assets to make sure that assets have at least one tag set.

Extra credit if this can work for all the Custom Tags fields.

Extra credit if I can also filter based upon a specific Tag value or set of Tag values not being set.


  • We will look into this request

  • Following up on this, today I found a need to filter Defects based upon a custom tag field NOT containing a specific value. It would be beneficial to be able to support "is not" for Tags and custom tag fields. There is no way to workaround this currently in the UI.

  • +1 on this suggestion