There is an idea entitled "Allow an existing or story to have a template applied to it" which, if you read the description, should have said "defect or story", as the author mentioned both. That idea has been marked "Completed" with the addition of the Plan Story capability, but it is not completed because there is no similar capability for Defects. We use templates for defects as well as for stories, but there is currently no way to apply a template after the fact if the defect was entered without using a template in the first place.


  • Summary: Please add a Plan Defect capability equivalent to the Plan Story capability.

  • I have several users that are wanting the ability to add a template to a defect after they have already created the defect, just like we can do for a story.

  • I think I should be able to plan defects the same way I can plan a story. I have a task template for defects and cannot apply it to existing defects.

  • Agreed. That was my mistake and I wish I did say Defect or Story. As I always say - if I can do it to a BLI, I should be able to do it for a Defect!

  • I accidentally hit "flagged" and it won't let me unflag it. I'm sorry. I actually really want this functionality!!

  • Definitely want this functionality.

  • There is another idea that is the same request as this.

  • Duplicate of

  • v1 pls