I didnt see my previous request so this is may be repeated:

TLDR: We have many different users interacting with Agility and navigation is difficult. People are not adopting this technology because it's too difficult. We are in a regulated environment so a technology like Agility is essential for compliance.

The best thing at our company is sharing links. The issue is that links are worthless without the filtering condition with "My View". The "Views" are specific to a session only of an account. As a result, this link


cannot be shared with others within my company. This link with its filtering conditions is for me only. If you were to copy this link right now you would not be able to see what I see.

Ideally, when I build a view, I would like to share said view. This way, when I work with employees who are having a difficult time managing their instructions, I can just build them three or four views in a few minutes and send them over to them in an email with some instructions.

This problem is very common at our company. The analysts/testers/compliance/managers/etc have a difficult time performing basic tasks like logging effort hours.


  • We will look into it

  • Capturing the description from other idea for reference

    "Dont know the category. This is one of those, "you should try to change this because low key it would help my company tremendously." I work in an environment where Agility is used by different kind of users, many which are not software engineers but must follow an SDLC for regulatory/compliance purposes. Some of the common tasks include logging hours, filling in backlog items, documenting tests and what not. Many of our users complain that they are unable to navigate the software, no matter how many times we train them. Ideally, the best thing for my company would be to give these users a link to a specific "my view" to sort through their specific stuff. This way, a person who doesnt use agility daily could save three or four links of different views in something like google workspace and log their information as needed by clicking a link. In an ideal world at my company, every employee would have three or four links to them on day one showing various "my views" with a set of small instructions on what to do for each. Again, I want to emphasize that Agility is being used to manage information for regulatory/compilance purposes. It's somewhat challenging to say, "all you have to do is log your effort hours," when all they have to do is punch in a few numbers at the end of the day but lack the ability to click a single link. Many Many users just flat out dont. And while we can try to enforce company policies, at some point it's just a, "this is too difficult for most people to do." The fundamental issue is that views are saved to the user session/account. As a result, if I as a software engineer want to give a view to another employee, I am unable to copy a link and share it with them. This view is internal to my account only and I'd like it to be shared considering it's a couple of filtering conditions. We tried screen sharing and teaching users but it's too cumbersome. Better to spend 30 seconds building a view and sending them a link with instructions saying, "record your effort hours here" or, "these are all the tests you have to do for this sprint"."