All views listing multiple rows of any data need to be scrollable and their column headings need to be frozen for vertical scrolling. When you customize your views to a larger number, that helps with not having to keep reloading the next "n" number of rows. However, the column headings scroll off of the top of the view.


  • I would love this, but at the same time, I like to be able to scroll everything above the column headers off the screen so I can maximize how much of my screen shows the data that I am interested in.

    Any implementation that does this needs to be clever enough to let me still do that.

  • Even having the column names static for each swim lane would help

  • We would like to see this especially for the Task Board.

  • Make everything above the column names expandable/collapsible so if you want to maximize the screen you can but the column headers should stay locked in the Task and Test boards

  • Since most of the grid displays are customizable, it is easy to forget which columns are being displayed when you scroll down and lose the headers. Fixing this would relieve a lot of frustration in working with the program.

  • Freezing the row for the column headers will be a great feature enhancements so that the user can easily see the header for the drop and drag mouse effect.

  • This suggestion is duplicated in "taskboard - freeze top header"

  • The taskboard and story board now freeze the header, which is fantastic. I would love to see this added to the customizable grids. It would help make maintaining the backlog easier to be able to see the column headings.

  • Being able to see the headers when maintaining large backlogs would be very helpful for us as well. Many of our users are customizing the grid and need to scroll back up to the top of the page to see what the columns are.

  • Frustrating that I have to scroll down in the grid to find the slide bar at the bottom. Can't we display the grid content (Portfolio Tree/Product Backlog) in its on frame with navigation tools always present?

  • VERY frustrating to have to go all the way to the end of my 200 item list to scroll to the right and then go back and find my place at the top.... With the 10,000 column options available to view I'm surprised you never considered the scrolling situation that would create......

  • What is frustrating is that such a simple feature has not been implemented yet. It took my web developer all of about 5 minutes how to figure this out so we could lock our header with a new Link...

  • I think something that would go right along with this as well would be to add a horizontal scroll bar to the bottom of the visible screen so if you have field sets that extend wider than your screen you can view them easily. Currently we have to drop all the way down through 200 lines (in Google Chrome at least) to the bottom of the page to find the scroll bar, then navigate all the way back up to wherever we were in the list.

  • Agreed, this is a quick-win that would alleviate some headaches. My specific use case is for the Portfolio Tree view in the Planning Rooms, but really any scrollable view should have frozen column headers, or at least the option to freeze them if I want to.

  • Agree

  • include the horizontal scroll bar idea with this change -

  • I Agree...Always view-able headers and available scroll bars would be a definite improvement.

  • Would love to see this become a possibility in 2018 yet! Could it be made optional, like excel where you can choose whether or not to enable freezing headers? Maybe also allow whether or not you want your column headers froze as part of a "My View" as well?

  • very helpful

  • Good suggestion Jaclyn L.!

  • This would be great! Our team really would like this feature of freezing column headings! We have 150+ users that could benefit from this. What is the status of this? With limitations on mobile compatibility it would also be a good feature.

  • Can we please get this enhancement in the pipeline? It's very frustrating & inefficient to to have to scroll up/down to see which the header columns.