Each team should have a calendar where we can place our non-working days such as holidays and vacation days for view by the entire team. This calendar would then feed into the capacity section for a sprint. The capacity for the team member should be reduced if they are on vacation. This means when we go to pre-planning for the sprint, we can review the calendar to see if any of these days are going to impact the sprint and plan for it.


  • This is badly needed - we can put them into the Road map but it isn't friendly for team management

  • In addition, I'd like to see a "current capacity" for each person as the sprint progresses. For example, we might be 5 days into a 2-week sprint, and someone has 3 days off next week... so their capacity will drop to zero at the end, meanwhile the burndown chart had balanced their hours on the "ideal line" evenly as if they were working all 10 days.

  • This would help with giving the team most of what they need in one spot. Without this I'm off to talk to my IT group about creating a new group calendar in Outlook.

  • With the recent introduction of the web plugin we've added a tab to the taskboard pointing to our Sharepoint site vacation page - this has filled the need for now but I think something needs to be done in V1 here

  • Capacity should be calculated in real time reflecting when someone takes a day off, signs up or drops a task, test, a backlog time gets moved etc.

  • Add a sprint demo data/time to this as well.

  • This would be a major help for us, as well. Daily capacity does not change simply because a person takes a holiday or a sick day in the middle of a sprint, so to represent it as a whole number of hours seems misleading for daily capacity.

  • As a start, a localized international calendar would be very helpful, in the same locktons where the time zone is set. (Administration --> Configuration --> Options).

    A combination of an expected number of work-hours and personal out-of-office (holiday) tasks that have a start and end date and that affect all projects should carry far in the calculation of available capacity.

  • It would be great to have a one stop shop. Please add calendar that integrates with the capacity....

  • In addition, it would be nice to identify non-working days for the entire team and opt to remove those from the burndown and cumulative flow diagrams

  • the team calendar could also capture significant events/migrations that could impact other teams. Would also be great to have a calendar view during PI planning in a SAFe model.

  • This feature would be a great help. +1.

  • We need this as well. +1

  • Yes this is needed in the application.

  • It would be great to incorporate this into the V1 tool. It would aid in our PI/sprint planning and help determine a more realistic capacity. Having this visible in the tool would keep us from having to maintain a second document/resource elsewhere.

  • Gone back to JIRA, what a breath of fresh air

  • This really would be helpful. Currently using Outlook team calendars, but no one wants to enter time off. Can this info also be pulled from Outlook????

  • I agree that the ability to pull this from an outlook calendar would be huge.

  • This is badly needed. We need to be able to plan it in advance..

  • when is it going to be planned for release?

  • Hello VersionOne!

    When can we expect to have this feature available please?

  • When can we expect it? VersionOne?

  • Hello there?

    Anything happening here ?


  • +1 for us, please develop this feature.

  • Hello VersionOne,

    Is there something finished here? When will be feature be available in VersionOne...

  • Huge thumbs up on this idea.

  • Would greatly benefit from this functionality!

  • Could not agree more with this request. I'm VERY sad to see that the request has been sitting out there for SO long! Giddy Up Team VersionOne!! :-)

  • Please release the "Team Calendar" feature asap! We need this! Thank you! Jörg, Hamburg/Germany, Enterprise Agile Coach

  • Ich stimme zu Jörg, hehe ..
    This is badly needed, second top voted Idea on IdeaSpace..

  • we need this feature too .. pls respond how you do handle this now?