Today it's cumbersome to create a nice-looking link to a story (for example).
We'd like to have some sort of command, perhaps on the right-hand-side drop-down menu, that would make it easy to copy a link (probably HTML, maybe RTF) to a given backlog item, which could then be pasted into other applications, e.g., e-mail, Excel, Word, etc., to represent a link to that item.

It would include text, e.g., "B-0205", with the actual URL of the item as the link target.


  • This would be super useful.

  • This did work in the old GUI prior to Spring '11, including the nicely formatted link:

    It was possible to simply mark and copy an ID of a backlog item or defect. When being pasted, the result was the ID-Text with a working hyperlink to the items detail page. This worked for every ID (in list, pop-ups an items detailed view)

    The currently available link copy works like Copy Link Location (FF) or Copy Shortcut (IE) and does not provide as good as a result, as it copies only the target into the clip board

  • It would make me very happy to see this feature in the next release.

  • This feature would help us very match.

  • I think this has been implemented - in the top right of the story modal popup (lightbox) there's a _Share this Link_ icon (chain links) that gives you a URL

  • The "Share this Link" button that Sara P mentioned is available, but it gives you a full URL. That's not what I want. In the previous version of VersionOne that we used, The story/defect number and the title that were presented on the page were actual links. You could copy and paste these into an email or word document, and you would end up with links that displayed a meaningful ID or title. The Share this Link text just pastes as a URL and looks ugly and meaningless. The ID and title that is displayed at the top of the page are just plain text now, whereas in older versions of VersionOne they were links.

    I think this is similar to what Thomas S. pointed out above. It used to work great, but the new UI is missing this useful feature.

    Also, when I do copy and paste the ID and title from the top of the page, I don't really care for the font now. The font is CartoGothic--never heard of that before. The size of the title that I pasted is 14.5, which is just really large. I like the links that I could paste from the old version of VersionOne, which had a font of Verdana and a size of 8.5.

  • I totally agree with David G. Now I have to copy the ID and title with Link in the Advanced Search tab. It's just adding extra work.

  • This is such a nice feature.

  • A consistent and predictable linking format instead of 'random' would help integrate this tool with other formats, tools and systems. Hate to see this idea sit for a year - it is one of the first things I tried to do with VersionOne and had to give up.

  • Today I have to paste a URL into word to create the hyper link and then paste the hyper link into the versionone backlog item. Is there any plans to make this a rich text editor?

  • I waste a lot of time copying and pasting the 1st two lines of a Story/Defect to get the ID and description, and then copying and pasting the URL. Having the URL as a link behind the ID and description would make it a single copy and paste.

  • In fact there is a way to copy and paste any item title + its hyperlink in one shot:
    Leave your mouse on the reference of the item (say B-0205), when it's a link.
    A little window opens which shows a summary of the item. On top of the summary, you have the title of the item.
    You can select it, copy it and paste it in Word, a HTML mail or whatever that handles hyperlinks.
    That is what I use everyday. It works quite good at least with Chrome and IE.

  • a tiny icon that copies the object's link to the clipboard...

  • Yes please, With the ID number AND the Title please. Like in VSTS.
    e.g. S-1234 Add Column ...

    By the way everyone, You can copy the ID and title inside the hover text - when you point to the ID or title and see hover text, you can go in there and copy the ID and title - it's not the easiest thing and there will be a newline in there that you want to edit out.

  • My apologies, I see that Eric N. told us how to copy inside the hover text a couple of comments above - over a year ago.

    You can also copy multiple story title links from inside their parent. Open a parent portfolio item, go down to Stories (or if at a higher level, portfolio items), customize the grid and you can play around with copying from inside there. I can usually get it to work pretty well.

    Of course, this doesn't help if you want to copy multiple ones in order on the product backlog. :-(

  • Microsoft DevOps (formally TFS) offers this and I really miss having it!

  • We have a Share button (represented as share icon) in task/story/request, etc., clicking on it shows the URL which you can copy. I suggest copying URL ---automatically--- after clicking the Share button.