Custom fields and lists are very limited at the moment in that they cannot be deleted (for custom list types), renamed, moved in order, nor be required to be filled in when displayed in a BLI, defect, etc.

Management of these custom fields should allow all for all of these operations.


  • Agreed...the order of both custom fields and pull down menus should be configurable.

  • Note that, as of the Summer 2009 release, custom fields can be made required.

  • Really would like at a minimum the rename option. If you create a custom field but don't publish the change and then delete it when it is created again it becomes "Custom_Field2" and I can never get it back to just "Custom_Field" even if it was never realy used.

  • I would also like to limit the scope for the added custom fields, the same way it works for features. For example, when adding a feature at a project level, higher level projects cannot see that feature but lower level projects can. This kind of filtering would be great for custom fields (or at least for the custom field choices).

  • For the Custom List Types in Admin > List Types > Custom we require the features delete and rename.

  • Agree - the ability to reorder custom fields adn rename them is extremely desirable.

  • If you have the same named custom field on different object types, it is very confusing in the customize screen. For example, if you want to track T-Shirt size across Epics and Stories, if they are named the same, you can't differentiate them in the customize area. Also, there is a description field in the custom field admin, but no way to modify or populate it. Please add a way to modify the description!

  • Definitely need a way to rearrange the order of the custom fields (and even other fields on the page, for that matter). We'd like the order to follow a more logical approach for how the user is entering the data - currently, we're jumping all around on the page which is incredibly inefficient & risks things getting missed.

  • Be able to reposition my custom fields in V1 after I add them. Currently a new custom field is added after all the other custom fields and I cannot change the order after.
    Be able to rename my custom field after I have added it. Currently this is not possible and I have to delete the custom field and add a new one with the correct name.

  • The ability to rename your custom field in addition to the ability to re-order the fields would be great.

  • 1. Looking for a few changes to the custom fields: ability to move them around within the form that the user completes (example: when creating/editing a story, the custom fields are added to the bottom of the form, we'd like to control where that field is placed and if it's required.
    2. System field "Complexity" was avaiable in Stories but not in Defects. I had to hide the system field and create a new field that is shared for Stories and Defects -- I'd like to be able to add a system field to other work items.

  • we are still looking to be able to sort the values in the custom field alphabetically/numerically as a default with manual as an option as needed. For manual sort a click and drag would be sufficient. Same way you can click and drag workitems. This would allow us to add a new value and not have to sort them one by one line by line. VERY time consuming. Having the values in order helps to avoid duplication and more user friendly.

  • The ability to reorder the fields on the screen would a even more usability.

  • Want:
    1) Changing display name or custom list type name
    2) Drag and drop for sorting when list types have a lot of options, alpha sort etc
    3) Making changes to layout of existing system defined fields beyond just simply display/don't display
    4) Grouping custom fields and changing screen layout
    5) To be able to apply custom fields as quicklist filters. Currently seems to only include custom list types when selecting More Filters option.

    An official response would be nice. We're evaluating this product for use at our company and customizations of this sort should be expected for tools that are marketed to the enterprise, i.e., at the Enterprise and Ultimate subscription levels.

  • Would also like for custom list types to permit multi-select option

  • I have a shorter want list (although the list above would be nice too!)
    1) Changing display name or custom list type name
    2) Ability to reorder custom fields

  • I would like to be able
    1. to delete Customs List Types
    2. to sort V1 standard and Custom Fields in display and edit mode
    3. to filter over two fields (from Backlog and Defect) based on one Custom List Type and condensed in one Custom Column (at the moment you can only filter each field separately)

  • The ability to reorder the fields on the detail screen would be most useful.

  • Agree- implement a drag and drop to move the custom field values to rearrange; add a down arrow, something. We have hundreds of values and if a user adds additional values, it takes HOURS to move one value up to the proper place in the list. This really should be a high priority to fix .

  • And something about ability to make a customer list which has capability to multiselect elements. I would solve so many of our needs

  • Also, as mentioned above as well, we need a way to put a description for a custom field. Currently description is empty for newly created fields

    This page is speaking that localization could be maybe used for renaming fields and adding descriptions with

    However, I don't know if this works with hosted usage, and this does not feel very nice solution. Easy UI to be able to rename & add description should be fairly simple to do but would help.

  • I added a customer field Defect Severity and would like to move it up in the form because it is a primary field for Defects. Right now it's the second from the bottom field. Having to scroll down to it is inconvenient.

  • Rename would be my highest priority, then Reorder.

  • I echo previous comments especially since the layout of the details has changed in a prior release.
    1) The ability to reorder the fields on the detail screen would be most useful
    2) to sort V1 standard and Custom Fields in display and edit mode
    3) Grouping custom fields and changing screen layout
    4) Currently a new custom field is added after all the other custom fields and I cannot change the order after.

  • Having to submit a ticket with customer support to be able to change our custom field labels is extremely inconvenient and cumbersome. NOT being able to reorder fields in an asset is now starting to become a deal breaker for our company

  • Reordering the fields on the asset is a big ask from my company.

  • Of course, being able to reorder and rename them is very important. However, it's extremely difficult to believe that I can't delete things like Custom List Types. Especially since this has > 100 votes and is over a year old.

  • Being able to reorder and rename fields for Epic, Story & Defect forms is highly desired. All of the content in these forms should be customizable.

  • No way to remove accidently created custom list types?
    Sorry but this is inacceptable for a software that claims to be mature.

  • It must be able to remove a custom list type, the current workaround is not acceptable.

  • I agree that the inability to remove these is unacceptable. I created one to test and now it's there and I can't remove it? Come on!

  • I am so disappointed that we continue to make updates to this tool but leave the admin side of things stagnant and at times going backwards. PLEASE at the very least allow the ability to arrow down on the custom fields so that we can put them in order. Preferably, allow the option to sort in alpha order automatically. I also would prefer to expand my view of custom lists to longer than ONLY 10. You have drag and drop capability elsewhere in the tool why not here??? COME ON people please bug them about this! Help get this one implemented... VOTING apparently is not enough.

  • Really agree here.
    1. We need to be able to order fields (all fields) so data entry will at least make sense.
    2. Be able to delete a custom field.
    3. And this one really gets me, once a required field, it's required everywhere. this should be managed by project because not all teams use the same process or work on the same sort of product.
    4. Conditional Required Fields. This product was not designed for defect mgmt, that is clear. Defects have a process, and though it varies from place to place, one thing doesn't IF you care about reporting, tracking, routing and NOT LOSING defects, then you have a process. Now, it is entirely manual. Things get entered without required fields and mis-categorized. And lost.

  • I agree (especially with #1-3 above).

  • Can we please get an update on the prioritization of this request?

  • definitely need a rename function

  • Another vote to add ability to delete Custom List Types.

  • What is the threshold on votes for an idea to be considered?

  • Just a rename or at least delete option for custom lists would be a great option to close of 2017! I was really surprised to find out that this "functionality" was not present.

  • +1

  • If not already added, I would like to see the basic customize options (offered in other detail lists) to allow for making inline edits to the fields (Title, etc...) on custom fields/lists. Also, we need a way to upload custom lists -- it becomes very time consuming managing/editing a list in the 100's.

  • +1 on the above.

  • +2 on this

  • +1 for this feature request -100 for the extra spam links someone uploaded.

  • Would very much like to configure the layout of data entry forms (eg. Story, defect, task, issue etc.). Configurable by user, would be pie in the sky, but at the very least an admin spec tied to a work space would be great. At the workspace level, a project admin might be allowed to drag and drop fields around a page. Tab order would flow left to right and top to bottom, saved to the workspace. Put a gear icon on a user story page, if the user is Project Admin or better. The user clicks the gear and may now float things around the page. Once saved the new layout and tab order propagate to all stories tied to that workspace

  • also custom fields set up as number always display with two decimal points (as if they are money), sometimes we just need an integer - no decimal points to display a project number, defect number, etc. These numbers do not need decimal points. Unfortunately we've had to display these as text instead, disappointing.

  • also the value that gets filled into a custom field should be able to be a system field (like V1 user), so if I want to create a custom field called project manager, then I can have the ability to assign V1 system users to that field