We are using Tasks as Defects, as the tool suggests, but many times during the development cycles a Task bug will not be fixed due to varies reasons. I would like to be able to easily convert the Task unit of work to a Defect or story to be worked on later. Just as Stories can be created to defects with one click. I need Tasks to be created without the copy and paste and lose of information.

Use case...
A Task defect is found during testing of a story. The defect becomes to large to fix in the story, lot of discussion has occurred in the task. Now I want to move this to a story or defect. A lot of the discussion it lost.


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  • The Use Case in the request above does not make sense...

  • Yes, it makes perfect sense. We use Tasks to document work-in-progress bugs associated with a release we are building. We use Defects for bugs that we have in production already. Some of those WIP bugs will be deferred as non-launch-stoppers and deployed into production with the release. At that point, they become Defects. We need an easy way to convert a Task to a Defect without all the copy/paste.

  • please implement this because it will save us ALOT of time and confusion.

  • Yes, please! There are several different situations where we might need to convert the type of an item to something else.

    (If information will be lost in the conversion, convert it to a text comment and append it to the description. Warn me if that's about to happen.)

  • Please implement converting task to story.

  • This idea has over 120 votes now, and is a year old. Could someone on the product team at Version One give us some idea if this is in the product roadmap at all, anywhere?