Would be helpful if you could take an existing story & tasks and make it a template so it could be reused across projects without having to copy and rename.


  • I think this functionality would be useful, because often the thought/need to create a template arises while working on the story itself. It takes quite a bit of effort to create a template when it seems like it would be pretty simple to copy the story over as a template.

  • I agree. This would be a useful feature.

  • Agreed...this is an issue that has come up numerous times...

  • i agree and have so many times stumbled upon this need

  • I also agree that this would help lot us..
    Arun Thomas

  • When story is initially created, we don't always know that it could possibly become a repetitive story. Being able to create a template off an existing story would save us some time (as we wouldn't be reinventing the wheel) and we could make sure that we captured the appropriate details and tasks.

  • I agree.

    I have used VersionOne at two different companies so far.

    I would have found this feature very useful at both of them.

    In fact, I would be using it right now!

    Please implement this ASAP!

  • This feature already exists via the API. Take any Story and execute the "MakeTemplate" operation on it. Exposing this via the user interface would be awesome!