• Planned


    Create defect from test

    Regardless of whether or not it is the 'right' way of doing things, people expect that every failed test has a corresponding defect. It would sure be nice to create a new ...

  • Planned


    Add a way to show "Split To" in addition to "Split From"

    Right now V1 only has a way to show you what a story split from, which allows you to move backwards in time to see all the previous splits. It would be great to also have ...

  • Planned


    Group by "Target Team or Portfolio Item Team" in Planning Room

    We would like the ability to group by "Target Team" or "Portfolio Item Team" in the Planning Rooms. This will make the kanban boards a bit more multi-dimensional.

  • Planned


    Add File Attachments to Ideas

    It might be beneficial to allow a user to add an attachment within a list of predefined file types to help elaborate on their Idea being submitted. Images are a big one ...

  • Planned


    Ability to upload a document at the IdeaSpace screen and Idea ...

    Ability to upload a document in IdeaSpace so that the requestor can provide supporting information relevant to the request (i.e. screen shots, standard MS Office ...

  • Planned


    Allow for views in Portfolio Kanban

    Similar to other areas within VersionOne, I'd like the ability to create and save views for the Portfolio Kanban board.